Donetsk, Dec 8 – DAN. Russia-US talks on Ukraine between presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden showed that Ukraine has zero political
self-standing, the chairman of the DPR People's Council Vladimir Bidyevka said.

"It is obvious that President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joseph  Biden have different views on the subjects they discussed, but what is important is that the talk transpired," he said.

"One of the corner stones of the discussion was Ukraine, and the talks of the two leaders clearly showcased that the country has lost its sovereignty altogether," Bidyevka said.

He emphasized that Ukrainians should realize that they have become hostages of the US policy because of Ukrainian leadership.

Bidyevka described American narrative as aggressive and deprived of logic. It would have been understandable if Russian troops advanced towards the US border with Mexico or Canada, but "it is about Russian troops moving within Russian state borders".

"We know that the US and their allies have established a strong foothold in Ukraine. Evidently, the truth is not on Ukraine's side. Vladimir Putin has clearly indicated where Russia stands on Ukraine, zero tolerance towards NATO advance to the east and Russia's national security. I think Biden got the point, but could not sincerely admit it because of his political game."

The video summit meeting between the Russian and US presidents focused on the situation in Ukraine. The two leaders also discussed bilateral relationship, ransomware and Iran nuclear deal. *ot