Donetsk, Dec 29 — DAN. The official website of presidential candidate, President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been launched at

It contains Vladimir Putin’s biographic data, election campaign diary, election campaign HQ contacts, addresses of HQ regional branches etc, and includes a section highlighting Russia’s key achievements during Vladimir Putin’s presidency.

The Russian Public Opinion Research Center reported on Friday that more than 77 percent of Russian citizens approve of President Vladimir Putin’s work and that 80 percent of respondents have trust in him.

The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that President Vladimir Putin had submitted documents to the Central Election Commission to register as a candidate in Russia’s next presidential election. The CEC registered Putin’s documents.

His election campaign HQ began to work in Moscow on December 21. It is co-chaired by Donetsk People’s Republic parliament speaker Artyom Zhoga, film actor Vladimir Mashkov and Moscow Hospital No 52 chief doctor Maryana Lysenko. Zhoga called the electioneering unique saying that it was a great honor.

On December 22, Putin’s regional election campaign headquarters opened in Donetsk. It is collecting signatures in Donetsk, Makeyevka and Mariupol in his support. Signature collection will be launched elsewhere in the DPR after the New Year. The HQ regional branches are tasked with collecting 300,000 signatures in support of Putin’s self-nomination for a new term. The DPR plans to complete this work ahead of other regions.

On December 7, the Federation Council upper house of the Russian parliament set the next presidential election for 2024. Voting will be held over three days on March 15-17.*jk