Donetsk, Aug 7 - DAN. A United Donbass mixed martial arts tournament favourite Nikita Krylov (The Miner) said he was confident of his victory over Croatian star Maro Perak.

“Maro Perak is an experienced and well-known fighter. Although judo is his basic style, he wins a majority of fights by knockouts, which means his punching and wrestling are good,” Krylov told Donetsk News Agency.

He believes that his opponent, who lost the previous fight, is anxious for comeback, so the Croatian doesn’t lack motivation for the upcoming duel.

The Donbass athlete nevertheless is upbeat: “Perak will surely like it in Donbass, but he’ll surely hate it in the same cage with me. Let him think well before finding himself one-on-one with me, because once the octagon gate is shut, he’ll have to survive.”

“I’d finish him right now, but I’ll have to wait till the fight, and I’ll show a beautiful fight to make the audience happy,” the MMA fighter said.

Donetsk will host a MMA tournament on 26 August featuring the duel between Krasniy Luch resident Nikita Krylov and experienced fighter from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Maro Perak. Nine fights will take place at the tournament overall. *jk