Donetsk, Nov 28 — DAN. The equestrian center of the Lokomotive children and youth school of the Olympic reserve in Makeyevka will be renovated for the first time since 1960s, the press service of the “Single Customer in the Field of Construction” reported on Tuesday.

 “The state-owned company will replace roofs, windows and utility lines, and redo interior and exterior of the facilities with an area of more than 1,200 square meters, ” the press service said.  “A new warehouse and stands will be built on the competition field.”

The “Single Customer” is launching the renovation project together with the Moscow Capital Repair Fund next year.

The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra earlier handed over ten inscribed saddles to the equestrian clubs “Grand Prix, ” Taterstal” and “Locomotive.” The Makeyevka-based club also received two ponies and horse-riding gear from the Kopeisk municipality in the Chelyabinsk region.*jk