Donetsk, Sep 9 — DAN. Humanitarian aid centers of the “United Russia” political party supplied foodstuffs to 70 percent of Mariupol residents for nearly five months; relief supplies have been distributed among 16 categories of the needy since late August, “ a Russian lawmaker told the Donetsk News Agency.

We have ten “United Russia” humanitarian aid centers operating in the city which provide food to city folk, ” said “United Russia” member Dmitry Sablin who supervises the Party’s assistance to the city. “Before August 20, we had supplied foodstuffs to 70 percent of city residents for nearly five months; at present, we cater for 16 categories of the needy.”

Pensioners, large families, disabled persons, children and other categories of citizens are entitled to humanitarian assistance, he added.

“United Russia” opened the first humanitarian aid center in Mariupol in late March when fierce fighting was still ranging in the city. At that time, shops and markets were closed, people experienced water shortages, so that center was the only lifeline for thousands of people. At present, 43 such centers are operating in Donbass and other liberated areas.

“United Russia” has been providing comprehensive assistance to evacuated Donbass residents and those who stayed back in the DPR and the LPR since the first day of the special operation. The Party’s regional branches account for over 60 percent of relief supplies sent to Donbass and liberated areas.*jk