Фото: Донецкое агентство новостей

Donetsk, Dec 20 — DAN. The Russian Union of Journalists and the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives have opened a Donbass events photography exhibition at the Kuindzhi Mariupol State University.

The “Photo Version of Reality” event was attended by a Donetsk News Agency photo journalist, one of the co-authors.

The presented images reflect the Republic’s timeline and key events such as a Victory Parade, a holiday rally, tears of joy at meeting servicemen and Donbass places of interest, and show representatives of traditional Donbass professions.

The main theme is the special military operation with a separate section for photos from towns and settlements liberated from Ukrainian troops. Some photos captured the aftermath of barbaric artillery attacks by Ukraine.

The contributors include seven Donetsk-based photo journalists. The exhibition opening ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Russian Union of Journalists' DPR branch Viktor Petrenko, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s regional office in Donetsk Natalia Mikhailova and Russia’s Ambassador at Large for Kiev regime crimes Rodion Miroshnik.*jk