Donetsk, Dec 25 — DAN. Mariupol Zoo will be connected to a gas supply network in the near future to heat animal enclosures, Zoo Director Savely Vashura told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday.

 “We’ve used electric heaters so far; we expect to get a heat line today or tomorrow; animals will be warm, ” Vashura said.

The Zoo gas supply network has been repaired, he added.

Mariupol Zoo is a private organization established in Sartana in 2009. It was moved to Mariupol in 2016 and occupied 3.5 hectares before the beginning of the special military operation.

It had leopards, lions, tigers, bears, wolves, dogs, foxes, silver foxes, donkeys, camels, deer and does, peacocks, cranes, storks, ostriches, quails, pelicans, squirrels and river rats. Animal enclosures were damaged during hostilities in the spring of 2022. One cheetah, five camels, three llamas, five ostriches and as many monkeys were killed in artillery strikes.*jk