Donetsk, Jul 24 - DAN. Players from Turkey and Armenia will participate in Sniper Cup Open 2017 billiard tournament in DPR capital, the Republic’s Billiard Federation said on Monday.

“According to preliminary information as of July 24, pool players from all over Donbass, including Kiev-controlled part of Donetsk Region, Russia, Turkey and Armenia will take part in the tournament,” the Federation said.

Applications are open until 25 July. A letter should be forwarded to to [email protected].

Earlier reports said DPR would host a billiard tournament on 27-30 July.

The tournament will have double and single elimination rounds to identify two finalists. It does not envision the 3rd place game. Both losing semi-finalists take the bronze. The winner is awarded a 200,000-Russian-ruble money prize, his opponent gets 140,000 RUR, and the players winning the bronze take 80,000 rubles each.*jk