Donetsk, Nov 16 — DAN.  Three hundred and twenty-six of the target 891 apartment buildings in Mariupol have been connected to central heating, Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Andrey Nagaitsev said on Wednesday.

“Today, 25 boiler houses supply heat to 326 apartment buildings and 30 social infrastructure facilities; heat transfer fluid has been delivered to the elevator units of another 61 apartment buildings” the Ministry’s press service quoted Nagaitsev as saying.

City authorities plan to operate 32 boiler houses this season to provide central heating to 891 apartment building and 75 social infrastructure facilities.

Heat supply in the DPR was launched on October 19; for social facilities it became available five days earlier.  Heat supply problems emerged as residents tapped their radiators for water and due to heat supply lines ruptures and artillery strikes. The Republic called the current heating season the most difficult in its history.*jk