Donetsk, Aug 1 – DAN. Over fifteen hundred people have visited the Donbass Arena and the Sakhter football club museum with excursions since they were opened in the DPR, said the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism.

"The Sakhter football club museum at the Donbass Arena was visited by 1,090 people since its opening in May 2018; 337 took guided tours to the stadium."

Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, China, Moldavia, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and DPR nationals visited the complex.

Since the outbreak of war, the Donbass Arena was mostly out of use. On March 1 the Donbass Arena was transferred to DPR jurisdiction and the famous blue illumination was turned on at the stadium. In May the Museum of the Shakhter Donetsk club was launched, first excursions were carried out in July.

The stadium was constructed in 2009 and was the home of the Shakhter Donetsk FC. Its has a seating capacity of 52,667. *ot