Donetsk, Nov 8 – DAN. The dean of Donetsk Institute of urgent and Recovery Surgery named after Gusak, Professor Emil Phistal performed a complicated surgery to remove pigmented tumor on the face of a four-year old patient from Ukraine.

"The girl had a large congenital pigmented tumor on her face. Yesterday chief of plastic surgery Daniil Merkulov and me performed a surgery to remove the tumor. It is a unique surgery, as it is rarely performed on face. Such tumors also tend to develop into cancer. We performed a radical surgery," professor said.

Phistal added that the patient was transferred from Dnepropetrovsk as Donetsk institute had performed similar surgeries before: in 2012 a boy from Lugansk had undergone a similar surgery and is still being observed.

Emil Phistal M.D. is Honored Scientist and Engineer of Ukraine, Prizvaniye medical award winner, Ukraine State award winner, Russia-US Combustiology Association member, author of over 500 scientific articles and 32 inventions, he writes poetry and is hosts the Music for Health program in a philharmonic. *ot