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Donetsk, Jul 27  — DAN. The Donetsk State Pedagogical University (DGPU) is preparing an education program for teachers of Russian as a foreign language, DGPU Rector Svetlana Kochetova told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

“The program includes a preparatory course in Russian, and then we’ll train them so that they (foreign students — eds Donetsk News Agency) can teach Russian when they return home, ” Kochetova said. 

The university is launching an advanced training course for the staff who will teach this subject."Our students who major in the Russian language, will also get a qualification for teaching Russian as a foreign language,” she said.

Earlier reports said that a federal pedagogical university had been established on the basis of the Gorlovka Institute of Foreign Languages.

President Vladimir Putin said at a session of the Russia-Africa economic and humanitarian forum earlier on Thursday that Russian universities would be admitting more African students.*jk