Donetsk, Sep 19 — DAN. Underground railway systems will be launched in Donetsk after the cessation of hostilities, Donetsk People’s Republic first deputy government chairman Andrey Chertkov said on Tuesday.

“There’ve been many questions regarding the Donetsk subway, ” Chertkov said during a direct line question and answer session. “I wish do dispel the rumors that Donetsk will have no subway and that we’re giving up on the work which has been done.”

As soon as the fighting ends, the authorities will launch extensive work, and Donetsk will have its subway, he said.

In March, the DPR government approved the procedure to subsidize the maintenance costs for the unfinished city subway.

Donetsk launched a subway construction project in the 1990s. It was planned to build three lines. The initial deadline set for the 2000s was pushed back several times and the project was mothballed in 2011 as the authorities began to consider light rail transit or surface and undergrounds lines.*jk