Donetsk, May 26 — DAN. The Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DonNASA) plans to launch six new majors for bachelor and master degree students, DonNASA rector Nikolay Zaichenko said.

“DonNASA is always focused on being a sought-for university for prospective students, and on training them as high-skilled professionals competitive in the labor market, ” Zaichenko told the Donetsk News Agency. “Now that the academy is administered by federal authorities, it will launch a number of majors under Russian standards for bachelor and master degree students as well as for postgraduates.”

 The bachelor degree programs are Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage, ” Information Systems and Technologies, Housing and Utility Infrastructure, and Design. Landscape Architecture is offered to master degree students and Environmental Safety to postgraduates.

DonNASA was founded on January 1, 1972. It is located in Makeyevka. Its original name was Makeyevka Civil Engineering Institute. Over decades of operation, the university has trained thousands of specialists in various fields such as architecture, environmental protection, construction economics, urban economy etc.*jk