Donetsk, Nov 9 — DAN. Some 19,000 customers in Volnovakha and Svetlodarsk have been connected to gas supply networks since the region’s reunification with the Russian Federation.

“Plans envision the construction and repairs of 416 kilometers of gas pipes in Donetsk People’s Republic by 2025 as part of the socio-economic development program for the new territories, ” the Russian Energy Ministry said in response to a query from the Donetsk News Agency.

As of today, 190 kilometers of gas pipes and 223 gas distribution stations and plants have been repaired in the DPR. In Volnovakha, an 11-kiometer gas pipe was built to resume gas supply to 12,000 customers. A 14.4-kilometer pipe was built in Svetlodarsk to reconnect 7,000 customers to gas networks.

DAN earlier reported that the Ministry planned to modernize the Novoazovsk wind power plant and the Uglegorsk thermal power plant.   Russian energy officials said that works had been completed on the first stage of the Azov Ring” that links the power grids of the new regions, the Republic of Crimea, the Rostov region and the Krasnodar Territory.*jk