Donetsk, Sep 4 — DAN. The Russian Federation is ready to rejoin the grain deal after all the parties have fulfilled their commitments. Following are President Vladimir Putin’s statements after the meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Erdogan:

Kiev dumped the accords on Ukraine mediated by Turkey;

The decision to terminate the grain deal was forced due to the West’s failure to fulfil its commitments;

The West, to put it mildly, deceived Russia in terms of grain deal humanitarian goals;

While Russia provided safe shipping within the grain deal, the other side used humanitarian corridors for terrorist attacks again Russian civil and military facilities;

The withdrawal from the grain deal did not impact the world market; grain prices keep decreasing;

Ukraine’s share in world grain exports remains at 5 percent

Russia will organize supplies up to one million tons of grain at preferential price for processing in Turkey and free-of-charge shipment to the poorest countries.

Russia’s grain harvest is estimated at 130 million tons this year, with export potential of 60 million tones;

Russia might start delivering grain to six African countries free of charge within the next two or three weeks;

Russia has never rejected Ukrainian crisis mediation. Russia is grateful to the Turkish president for his efforts on this track.*jk