Donetsk, Feb 9 — DAN. The new shooting of captive Russian servicemen lies on the conscience of Kiev’s western supervisors, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday in comments on the video posted by Ukrainian media.

“We’ve repeatedly drawn the attention of the international community and dedicated organizations to Kiev’s war crimes, and made statements on violations of the international humanitarian law by the Kiev regime, ” the Foreign Ministry said. “The new shooting of Russian prisoners-of-war lies to a large extent on the conscience of Kiev’s western supervisors who created this Nazi regime and brought up a generation of the Ukrainians obsessed with the idea of hate and national superiority.” Covering up their crimes with silence, they make such murders possible. The Russian blood is on the hands of the countries that export weapons and Nazi ideology to Ukraine.”

The Russian diplomats made comments on the video which shows a Ukrainian neo-Nazi firing his assault rifle at point-blank range at the head of a captive Russian serviceman who is lying on the ground with his arms raised, while shouting a Nazi slogan “Glory to Ukraine.” Supposedly, three Russian POWs were shot and killed.

The Foreign Ministry said that the Russian Investigative Committee has already begun to investigate the new video evidence of Kiev’s war crimes which “will not be left unpunished” *jk