Donetsk, Sep 12 — DAN. A gunman from Ukraine’s nationalistic “Azov” regiment who stabbed out a cigarette on a POW’s face has been given a long prison term, the press service of the Russian Military Prosecutor’s Office said on Tuesday.

“The Donetsk People’s Republic Supreme Court has passed a verdict in the criminal case against ‘Azov’ member Vadim Gusev who was charged with the use of banned means and methods of warfare and hate-motivated violence against Russian servicemen, ” the press service said. The Ukrainian serviceman was sentenced  to 14.5 years in a maximum security penitentiary.

The incident occurred in a house in Mariupol’s Nakhimov Avenue on April 12, 2022. Gusev kicked and hit with a baton a handcuffed Russian prisoner-of-war. Then he put out a cigarette on the POW’s head, military prosecutors said.*jk