Donetsk, Mar 19 — DAN. President Vladimir Putin has made a working trip to Mariupol, the Kremlin press service reported on Sunday. 

The president flew to Mariupol by helicopter. He drove a car around several city districts making stops on the way.

He was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin who reported on the progress in the rebuilding of the city and its suburbs.

Khusnullin spoke about “the construction of new neighborhoods, social and education facilities, utility infrastructure and medical centers, ” TASS reported citing the press service.

The president talked to city residents in the Nevsky neighborhood which is being built by a military construction company. He visited the home of the families, at their invitation.

The head of state inspected the Mariupol coastline in the yacht club area, the theatre and heritage sites, the Kremlin press service said.

It is the president’s first trip to Donbass. Vladimir Putin also had a meeting at the headquarters of the special military operation Joint Group of Troops in Rostov-on-Don.*jk