Donetsk, Mar 8 — DAN. President Vladimir Putin has handed in the Honored Healthcare Worker badge to Deputy Director General of the Donetsk Republican Centre for Maternal and Child Health Anna Zheleznaya at a ceremony in the Kremlin’s Catherine Hall on Wednesday.

“Thank you for the high award in recognition of our medical university and perinatal center work collective, ” Zheleznaya said addressing the participants. “I wish to personally thank you and all the Russian people for the assistance without which we would not have become established as Russian constituent entities.”

Donbass residents continue their creative work hoping for peace despite the difficulties of the war time. “We restored the perinatal center after it had been damaged, and have preserved over the past nine years one of the best obstetrics schools in the post-Soviet space under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Chaika. We hope to develop it with the assistance of our colleagues, ” she added.

 Vladimir Putin, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, handed in state awards to distinguished women of Russia representing law-enforcement bodies, education and healthcare centers and other professions from across the country.  The ceremony was broadcast live by Russia 24 channel.*jk