Donetsk, Sep 28 — DAN. The elections of the heads of the new regions are an important step towards integration of these territories in the common legal space of the state, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the elected heads of Russian regions on Thursday.

“The elections in our new — as I have repeatedly said — in our new historical regions, Donbass and Novorossiya, have been held for the first time under the Russian law, where the regional parliaments which were also elected in accordance with the Russian law for the first time, confirmed the powers of the sitting heads of the regions, ” Putin said. “It is a landmark event, an important step towards full-fledged entry of the new regions in the common legal space of our large country.”

The situation and tasks in these regions are special. “I’m confident that the regional authorities and, most importantly, our citizens feel the support which the whole Russia is providing to them, ” the president said.

On September 23, the Donetsk People’s Republic parliament elected Denis Pushilin DPR Head.*jk