Donetsk, Nov 27 — DAN. Engineers have restored power supply to more than 370,000 residential customers in the Donetsk People’s Republic following hurricane-caused outages, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry reported on Monday.

“Over the past few hours, power engineers have put back online 2,328 electrical substations across Republic to restore electricity supply to 371,000 customers, ” the Ministry said adding that power outages were still affecting 154,000 households.

Showers and strong winds were reported in the DPR overnight to Monday. The weather service said that wind velocity in the northern part of the Sea of Azov, Mariupol port and some other pars of the Republic reached 25 to 30 meters per second.

The adverse weather caused numerous interruptions in power and heat supply and partial collapse of phone and Internet services. The situation was aggravated by shelling attacks on DPR energy facilities carried out by Kiev forces overnight to November 26. As of Sunday evening, 20,500 DPR customers remained without electricity. On Monday, power grid failures affected  525,000 residential customers  in the DPR.*jk