Donetsk, Dec 15 — DAN. About 90 teams of engineers are restoring power supply to more than 106,000 customers  across the Donetsk People’s Republic following outages caused by adverse weather conditions, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported on Friday.

“As of 7:00, power outages had affected 1,255 electrical substations in the DPR and 106,488 residential customers, ” the report said.

More power line breakdowns were caused by falling tree branches including in the areas where repairs had already been carried out.

The Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency that 88 teams comprised almost 300 engineers and 86 pieces of equipment. It did not say when repairs would be completed, due to persisting bad weather.

 Last week, the Republic was hit by freezing rain and sleety showers that caused extensive icing of municipalities.  On Friday, temperatures in the DPR rose above zero Celsius and showers were reported in parts of the Republic which made roadway icing more dangerous. The DPR has committed maximum resources to mitigate the impact of bad weather.*jk