Donetsk, Mar 28 — DAN. Russian army units are making gains along the whole frontline; there have been considerable achievements on the Avdeyevka and Artyomovsk axes, Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin said on Tuesday.

“As before, our units dictate the agenda along the whole frontline, ” Pushilin said on the Solovyev.Live program. “The Ugledar axis remains important, i.e. its liberation and taking of new positions. The situation is difficult there with ongoing positional warfare. The enemy’s scouting or engagement attempts were unsuccessful yesterday as they lost some 30 gunmen and several pieces of equipment.”

Fierce fighting continues in Maryinka, he went on to say. The enemy has retained supply lines on this axis which complicates the situation. However, the pace of events around Avdeyevka is quite fast. The enemy’s situation is close to critical; civilians and volunteers have already been banned from entering the town. Things are heading towards the liberation of Avdeyevka which will minimize the artillery attacks on Donetsk and its suburbs. Russian forces have improved their positions on the Mayorsk axis and made local improvements on the Krasny Liman axis.

Pushilin earlier commented on the situation in Artyomovsk. The enemy is making all efforts to delay the liberation of the town by Russian troops, but “Wagner” private military company units had already mopped up nearly all the industrial zone, Pushilin said.*jk