Donetsk, Jun 21 — DAN. Donetsk State Academic Philharmonie orchestras have received many musical instruments and costumes in donations by federal concert organizations, Philharmonie Director General, Art Director Alexander Paretsky said on Wednesday.

“It’s important to us; firstly, instruments are assets for quality performance, ” Paretsky told the Donetsk News Agency. “Secondly, the action shows Greater Russia behind our back as our colleagues support us lending a helping hand.”

The Donetsk Philharmonie got help from the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, State Symphony Cinema Orchestra, Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and five other orchestras and bands. They donated a piccolo flute, hautboy, kettledrum set, xylophone and marimba. Most musical instruments were for the wind band: several bugles, trombones and even 25 overcoats for street shows during cold spells, he said.

“I told Russian Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova that this meet half of the needs of our orchestras. A cursory inspection showed that the instruments were in good condition, ” Paretsky said.

The “New Sounds” action aims to gather and hand over musical instruments, costumes and equipment to culture centers of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

Earlier, DAN reported that the Donetsk Philharmonie had carried out the largest modernization of its music equipment since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Senior instrumentalist said that the Philharmonie had never renewed its stock of music equipment on such a scale during the whole Ukrainian period.*jk