Donetsk, Oct 17 — DAN. Laureates of Russian and international contests have come to the Donetsk Philharmonic Hall to implement the concert project “An Offering to Donbass, ” dedicated to the oeuvre of well-known composer Viktor Ulyanich.

The work on the project ran on October 14-16, the Philharmonic Hall’s press service said on Tuesday. Its concept is focused on compositions by honored artist Viktor Ulyanich, a Moscow City Prize laureate and a native of Donbass.

“Remarkable performers who are international and Russian contest laureates have to the Donetsk Philharmonic Hall to record the music, such as Bolshoi Theatre soloist, Director of the Russian Harp Society Nina Ryabchinenko, concert musician Maria Andreyeva (violin, piano), and symphony orchestra artist Ivan Polkanov (clarinet), ” it said.

Five music pieces by Viktor Ulyanich are included in the project along with poems dedicated to Donbass, to be recited by Russian Writers Union members Dmitry Darin and Vladimir Skobtsov.

“I’m a native of Donbass; I was born in Snezhnoye. It is very important to me to implement this project here, in this land, ” the press service quoted Prof Ulyanich as saying.

The project is supported by the National Culture, Tourism and Crafts Development Foundation, the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Russian Harp Society, the Donetsk People’s Republic Culture Ministry and the Donetsk Philharmonic Society. It also received support from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.*jk