Фото: Страница ВК фестиваля “Красная площадь”

Donetsk, Jun 2 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Culture Ministry and Donetsk Krupskaya Republican Universal Scientific Library will present their new books at the Red Square festival in Moscow which has opened on Friday.

“A DPR delegation is taking part in the 9th Red Square book festival in Moscow on Jun 2 — 6, ” the DPR Culture Ministry press service told the Donetsk News Agency. “It is a large literature event in Russia attended by book lovers from all over the country. Some 400 publishing houses from Russian regions and Belarus will present their new products.”

The DPR delegation is led by Krupskaya Library Deputy Director Yelena Skripnik. The books released by the DPR Culture Ministry will be presented at the festival’s Russian Regions venue. These include “100 Donbass Greats, ” “Famous People of Donbass, ” “His Majesty Donbass, ” “Donbass War: People’s Chronicle” which is a timeline of the establishment of the region in local residents’ recollections of 2014-2016 events, and “Where Does the Motherland Begin?” a local history book for children.

The Krupskaya Library will present “Distant and Recent History, ” a chronicle spanning the whole period of the library evolution, “The Calendar of Memorable Dates” in the political, economic and cultural life of Donbass  and a booklet “We’ll Live on,” which marks the 90th birthdate of Leonid Bykov, an actor and film producer.

The Red Square festival is being held under the aegis of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and the Russian Book Union, with the assistance of the Culture Ministry, Education Ministry and Moscow government. The event brings together 13 theme venues such as “Fiction, ” “Children’s Literature, ” “Textbooks, ” “Non-Fiction” etc. The organizers will hold more than 500 events during the festival.*jk