Donetsk, Dec 6 – DAN. Kiev now employs a new tactic in order not to fulfil the Minsk agreements “imitating concern about Donbass residents” ignoring the necessity of political and military settlement, DPR Head Aleksander Zakharchenko said on Tuesday.

“Recently, Kiev has resorted to a new tactic for non-fulfilling Minsk agreements. Time and again, Ukrainian politicians stated that humanitarian and economic issues had priority in Donbass conflict settlement. Pretending that it cares about Donbass residents, Ukraine doesn’t want to resolve the political and military part of the agreements,” he said in a statement received by Donetsk News Agency.

Donetsk is not against the settlement of “all issues related to Ukrainian aggression in Donbass. However, for the Minsk process to make headway, Ukraine should first fulfil the political part of the agreements,” the DPR leader said.

“The Donbass war broke out because of the new policy adopted by the people who seized power in Kiev. The political issues spelled out in the Minsk agreements should be in the focus of all the parties concerned, in the first place Kiev which is mistrusted in Donbass and elsewhere in the world,” Zakharchenko said. *jk