Donetsk, Oct 7 – DAN. Introducing regulations concerning rotation of representatives of the sides of the Contact Group working subgroups can stabilize the negotiations, said the head of DPR delegation to Minsk talks Denis Pushilin.

"The issue could be settled with an approved regulation that defines the rotation of representatives. There are several options: either new reps are considered for approval by all sides, or appointed by the discretion of each side as has been up till now," he explained.

Pushilin added that Kiev has been continuously attempting to freeze decision-making process in economic sphere in particular.

The Ukrainian side blocked the meeting of economic subgroup in Minsk on September 21st. DPR envoy said the turndown was due to Kiev unwillingness to engage in dialog with DPR representative, the Republic's Head chief of staff Maxim Leschenko who is allegedly under criminal investigation in Ukraine as a DPR adherent.