Donetsk, Jul 27 – DAN. Ukraine deliberately escalates the situation in Donbass, head of DPR delegation to Minsk Contact Group Denis Pushilin said.

"Ukraine deliberately protracts the negotiations by failing to fulfill terms of the argeements achieved, by tightening economic, food and transport blockade, by escalating the situation along the line of contact", reads his statement obtained by DAN news agency.

Pushilin reminded that although this September marks the 2-year anniversary of first Contact Group decision known as The Minsk Protocol, yet "there is still no peace in Donbass". And almost all terms of key document on the conflict resolution, the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements, remain unfulfilled.

"The only thing Ukraine has done in two years is proving to us that it doesn’t need peace at all. The only fulfilled point of the Package of Measures is the one launching working groups for coordination and advancing implementation of the entire document," he added.

He emphasized there is no truce in the region, Kiev has not pulled out its weapons, amnesty laws have not been passed and consequently exchange of hostages based on the principle of "all for all" has stalled. Humanitarian missions are not granted full access, bank system is not restored, welfare payments are not resumed. Laws on the specificities of the region, agreed with the representatives of these areas, laws on local elections, on amendments to constitution have not been passed.

"After two years of a most challenging political standoff the world begins to understand the situation. Minsk process and full implementation of the Package of Measures is the only way to reach peace deal in Donbass," Pushilin stated.