Donetsk, Oct 16 – DAN. Current Ukrainian authorities are illegitimate and are not going to fulfill their obligations stipulated by the Minsk Agreements, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

"Ukrainian authorities are not going to fulfill the Minsk Agreements and pursue peace. Instead they equivocate and prevaricate. The number of shelling incidents is growing. The Minsk Agreements may be fulfilled only if all Ukrainian state authorities are disbanded and its sick statehood is dismantled," he said in a statement released to DAN.

According to Pushilin, Ukraine "should be liquidated as an illegitimate state as it has been established as a result of a coup d'etat and external interference of 2014" and "is still managed from the outside".

"It is necessary to establish a new, truly independent Ukraine by a free will of all its territories. And it is necessary to recognize the right of the regions not to enter a new state. It will be fare. It will be possible to agree on the fulfillment of the Package of Measures with the fair Ukraine coming instead of the current deceitful authority." *ot