Donetsk, Sep 30 – DAN. Ukraine finally signed the Steinmeier formula, granting special status to Dondass, thanks to Russia, Germany and France. By this move it has recognized the special right of Donbass people for self-determination. We shall decide on our own what language to speak, what our economy is going to be like, how we shape the judiciary system, how people's militia protects our citizens, how we integrate with Russia. This is our business, our goal. We shell continue negotiating in Minsk to ultimately achieve full self-governance and self-determination.

We call on the president Vladimir Zelensky not to dictate terms to us. When he says we are going to hold elections only after Ukraine regains control over the border he does not understand that he is not the one to decide when we are having elections. We decide. Ukrainian authorities are not receiving any control over the border.

Mr. Zelensky has also claimed some new special status law will be adopted. We are thrilled to know which one. We do not like a lot of things in the current law that contains a lot of Poroshenko's unacceptable remarks. And these remarks should be removed. But it also contains most important provisions that cannot be changed under any circumstances.  Any changes must be coordinated with us. Otherwise, we shall regard them as direct and blunt violations of the Minsk Agreements and legally void.

We warn Zelensky against any ill-advised actions. If he wants peaceful co-existence with the DPR and LPR he should engage into a direct dialog with us, instead of making ill-conceived meaningless unilateral statements.*ot*pp