Donetsk, Apr 4 - DAN. Italian activists are to film a documentary about the residents of the liberated cities of Volnovakha and Mariupol, said David Cacchione, the leader of an Italian antifascist band Banda Bassotti.

“We have visited Volnovakha and Mariupol, talked to locals who survived all the horrors of the war, Ukrainian atrocities. We must show the film in Europe so that everyone can see the truth about what is happening, about what Ukraine has done,” Cacchione said.

He added that the film will be based on the stories of local residents, the crimes of Kyiv against civilians, as well as the restoration of a peaceful life in the liberated areas by the authorities of the DPR.

“To us, everything that is happening here is the struggle of Donbass against Ukraine. Unfortunately, Europe does not realize that fascism rules in Ukraine now, we can see it here, nationalist battalions "Donbass" and "Aidar" are an example. They exterminate the population of Donbass. Since we understand that the war started here in 2014, we understand what Russia is doing now. It is ending this war,” said Francesco Sabuzi, a co-organizer of the Carovana Antifascista project joining more than 50 people from nine countries.

They are delivering humanitarian aid to Donbass on a regular basis.

Banda Bassotti is an Italian ska-punk band formed in 1987 in Rome, Italy. Their songs are generally political in nature, focusing on anti-Fascist issues. They perform in Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese, Basque, Yiddish and Russian. *ot