Donetsk, Dec 16 – DAN. The Primary that took place in DPR on October, 2 paved way for formation of a civil society, such conclusion was made at today's round table of the experts and political analysts who discussed the results of this year's Primary and its results in view of establishing new administrative elite in the region.

The round table takes place in Donetsk National University. The experts from DPR and Russia, ministers, bloggers, journalists and Primary winners discuss the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, as well as October 2 Primary outcomes in view of establishing new administrative elite in the region; and inter-regional cooperation with Russia.

"We will continue working out economic potential, human resources, and thus the world will take interest in DPR. We live in the circumstances of political and financial instability, but nevertheless we keep developing as a full-fledged state," said press attaché of Interim Vote Commission Oleg Balykin.

Petrovskiy district administration head Maksim Zhukovskiy, one of the Primary winners, said that such approach towards expressing public opinion creates a new shape of authorities responsibility.

"It is important those in power effectuate social guarantees. As an administration head I do everything I can so that people do not suffer need. We help to construct, to restore. Let everyone see how we develop and grow, we will prove it to the whole world that a man is judged according to his deeds, we will achieve a positive result."

DPR acting head of the Foreign Ministry Natalia Nikonorova said that the Primary is a way towards flourishing of civil society institutions in Donbass.

"Ukrainian side reacted to the Primary while in Minsk, they referred to media reports depicting primaries as local elections, not a public voting. This shows how Ukrainian journalists lie, on the one hand, on the other it show their fear of the political and public processes, the authorities do not interfere with. The civil society has been born and is being developed." *ot