Donetsk, May 22 — DAN. Some 1,300 candidates from the Donetsk People’s Republic are taking part in the “United Russia” party preliminary election which has started on Monday, said DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin.

“There are many young people among them: coal miners, doctors, teachers, cultural figures and servicemen, ” Pushilin said in a post on Telegram. “All registered voters will be get SMS messages inviting them to vote on the ‘United Russia’ website. Counting stations will operate from May 26 though May 28.”

Primaries are selection of candidates from a political party for their further participation in the elections. “United Russia” is the only party in the country which holds preliminary voting. It is open to Party members, supporters and non-partisan candidates. Preliminary voting will be held online on May 22-28. The DPR has set up polling stations and arranged field voting. The candidates were nominated from March 8 through April 27.  Voter registration is ongoing.*jk