Donetsk, Apr 5 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic ranks third among the Russian regions by the number of applications for parliamentary primaries, “United Russia” party General Council Secretary Andrey Turchak said on Wednesday.

“The DPR is in the third place after Bashkortostan and Rostov Region by the number of applications at the level of legislative assembly, ” Turchak wrote on Telegram. “There are many activists in the Republic who know what has to be done for the soonest return to peaceful life to the region; most importantly, they’re willing to work on it.”

Servicemen in the special military operation zone are very interested in primaries and want to participate, he added. “The United Russia” has provided the opportunity for them to submit documents online. A potential candidate only needs to apply electronically; further guidance will be provided individually by members of organizing committees.

Primaries help select candidates from a political party for further participation in the elections. “United Russia” is the only party in the country which holds preliminary voting. It has been obligatory for “United Russia” beginning from 2009 as its Charter states. Russian citizens can participate in the election process as party members or supporters, or non-partisan activists. Preliminary voting will be held online on May 22-28. The DPR will set up polling stations and arrange field voting. The candidate nomination deadline is April 27.

September 10 has been announced as Single Voting Day in Russia in 2023. The DPR will elect deputies to the regional parliament and municipalities.*jk