Donetsk, Jun 6 — DAN. The DPR Supreme Court is set to hold the first hearing in the case of British mercenaries participating in the military action against Donbass on the side of Ukraine, the DPR Head Denis Pushilin said.

"Today is the first hearing of the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic in connection with the British mercenaries. The evidence base has been fully assembled. The crimes they committed are monstrous," he said in a statement shown on Russian state TV.

The mercenaries might face the death penalty.

Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner, and Andrew Hill are charged with a number of felonies.

Actions aimed at seizure of power or forcibly withstanding the authorities in violation of the Constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as aimed at changing the constitutional system of the Donetsk People’s Republic by force, are punishable by deprivation of freedom for a term of up to 20 years with restriction of freedom for up to two years, and in case of aggravating circumstances or during the martial law,  by the death penalty with confiscation of property. *ot