Donetsk, Mar 10 – DAN. The disengagement of forces and hardware on the contact line, disrupted by the Ukrainian side, remains on the agenda of Minsk talks, said DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin.

"As for the pullback, we couldn't even define the date in Minsk. We insisted and proposed the dates, we were supported by Russia and the OSCE. But Ukraine didn't find any coordinated positions that could be announced."

"The issue remains an important one, we prepare to defend our position in Minsk on March 15," said Pushilin.

He added that DPR shall insist that Ukraine fulfills the assumed obligations, as Kiev sabotages all agreements achieved by the Contact Group. For instance, he reminded, Kiev "failed to manage to disengage" in Stanitsa Luganskaya area, notwithstanding the agreed date for the process.

"We can see that Ukraine cannot make decisions without assistance of its partners. We count on Germany, France and the US to pressure Ukraine into fulfilling obligations," Pushilin maintained.

On February 21 Ukrainian armed forces failed to carry out the disengagement of forces and hardware along the contact line that had been agreed to. Pushilin called Kiev's attitude a disruptive one. *ot