Donetsk, Dec 22 – DAN. The DPR considers Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko's proposition to include France and Germany into the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination inappropriate, said DPR envoy to the Minsk negotiations Denis Pushilin.

"This initiative was not discussed with us in the Contact Group. Consequently, nothing will work out without us, as we are a side of the conflict opposing Ukraine. We are not against, and we are not for it. I doubt the feasibility of this initiative," he said.

Earlier Poroshenko offered to invite the Germans and French to become part of the JCCC.

On December 19, Russian representatives in the JCCC left Donbass and subsequently Ukraine following the Russian Foreign Ministry statement concerning Russia's representation withdrawal from the JCCC due to the impossibility to continue work because of the Ukraine's actions.

The JCCC was established to monitor the implementation of commitments to fulfill the Minsk Agreements; to facilitate interaction between the conflicting sides; to interact with the OSCE SMM; to solve disputes concerning the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and facilitate their fulfillment; to participate in the negotiations over the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. *ot