Donetsk, Jun 21 – DAN. DPR law enforcement authorities have arrested armed men who earlier attacked the OSCE SMM patrols in Yasinovataya, said DPR Operations Command.

"Armed men who attacked the OSCE SMM on June 20 were detained in course of the operational search."

As the OSCE SMM said in its spot report, on 20 June two SMM patrols stationary at Yasynuvata railway station encountered two men in military-style attire who began to aggressively shout at the SMM. As the patrols attempted to leave the area, the men tried to open the door on the driver’s side and break the driver’s side window; failing to do either one of them pointed assault rifle at the driver and front-seat passenger of the vehicle. When the armed man moved to the side of the vehicle to try to open the front passenger-side door, the driver accelerated. As the SMM vehicle was driving away, the armed fired a burst of small-arms fire into the air, followed by three shots that the SMM assessed were fired at the patrol vehicle.

The attackers arrived to the site in a car with Ukrainian number plates, Operations Command revealed.

At the moment they are providing testimony.

Preliminary investigation shows that the attack was pre-planned to discredit Republican authorities and to terrify the OSCE mission members as they were on duty.

Operational Command said the detained are not enlisted with the DPR army or a law enforcement authority.

"As new details have emerged, it looks like the attack has been ordered by Ukrainian special services."

Earlier the SMM in its Twitter post for no good reason accused armed DPR members of the "violent attack". *ot