Donetsk, Jul 29 — DAN. DPR special services have searched luggage belonging to the OSCE Mission left in the Park Inn hotel in Donetsk. The retrieved items confirm that members of the international mission used their official positions for espionage purposes, the DPR Territorial Defence HQ said.

“The activities of one of the mission’s members are under investigation as he collected data on DPR Defence, that is what triggered the examination of the luggage, ” the HQ said.

“The discovery explains ineffectiveness of the mission and reveals the true nature of certain members, who used their position to profiteer and for espionage.”

DPR camouflage types, insignias, medals are in the discovery. The understanding is that the samples were to be taken abroad and examined by NATO experts.

Investigators also found satellite images of the DPR with symbols marking DPR military objects.

Among other items found in the mission’s luggage are pornographic materials brough from Europe, icons, extremist literature, shells, a mortar round tail, an ammo case, that were to be taken abroad, and a number of unidentified items.

The OSCE SMM left the DPR in March. In April, one of the mission’s ex-employees residing in the Republic was arrested on espionage charges.

On April 9, the DPR officially banned SMM activity on the Republic. *ot