Donetsk, Jan 31 - DAN. DPR Communications Ministry said it has received no reply so far from Vodafone mobile operator (MTS Ukraine) to the proposal to re-route its signal via Rostov-on-Don for subsequent linkup with the Republic’s mobile networks in order to resume operation.

“We have received no reply so far to our latest proposal concerning Vodafone resuming operation in the Republic’s territory,” a Ministry representative told Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday.

Earlier DPR Communications Minister Viktor Yatsenko said cable link repairs on the Donbass Contact Line would be completed without any problem if Vodafone accepted the proposal.

On 11 January, Ukraine’s Vodafone (MTS Ukraine) network collapsed in Donbass because of accidents. Vodafone restored its service in the Lugansk People’s Republic on 19 January, while in the Donetsk People’s Republic Vodafone signal is still unavailable. *jk