Donetsk, Oct 31 — DAN. Miranda-media, a Crimean-based wireless provider, will put its sim cards on sale in the Donetsk People’s Republic on Wednesday, the company’s public relations office told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Miranda-media will launch its outlets on November 1; their number will be increasing, ” the company said. “The main advantage for customers is the option to communicate on Miranda-media and Tele2 networks using the domestic tariff outside of the home region.”

The company said that it was launching its first two sales offices in Mariuipol.

The monthly subscription fee is 200 rubles. All incoming calls are free; the provider offers 800 voice minutes and 300 SMS messages to phone numbers of mobile operators in the new regions. Phone calls and SMS to Miranda-media, Krymtelecom and MirTelecom subscribers are unlimited. The phone plan includes 30 gigabytes of internet traffic. This tariff is effective across the whole Russia.

Miranda Media is a major wireless provide in Crimea. The company was registered in Simferopol in 2004. In addition, to cell phone communication services, it provide access to the Internet using its own data transfer channels. It runs its own fiber optic network with a total length of more than 4,000 kilometers. A part of the company belongs to Russia’s Rostelecom. Reports in the spring of 2023 said that Miranda Media had begun to prepare infrastructure for operation in the DPR.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Phoenix mobile operator announced new tariffs starting November 1.

In September, the Donetsk News Agency reported that K-Telecom, one of the largest Crimean wireless providers (known as +7Telecom in the new territories) had put its sim cards on sale.  In all, the Republic will have three companies providing cell phone services.*jk