Donetsk, June 21 – DAN. The United Donbass foundation plans to allocate resources to help Russian-speaking population of Donbass in 2021, the Chairman of the foundation Oleg Balykin said.

"This year Foundation's activity will transform as the humanitarian program has been enlarged to encompass Russian-speaking population of Ukraine," he said.

The Foundation was established in 2017 to implement the goals of the Humanitarian Program for the Reunification of Donbass People and to provide assistance to those in need.

The Humanitarian program was updated in January this year to protect Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. In particular, WWII veterans, teachers of Russian, Russian literature and history, lecturers and organizers of lectures on these topics are eligible to financial support from the DPR.

The victims of anti-Russian discrimination who have filed complaints with courts to protect their constitutional rights and freedoms can now also receive lump sum support payments.

The renewed program also includes the rehabilitation of people who suffered severe or moderate consequences of COVID-19. *ot