Donetsk, Nov 21 — DAN. The Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic has given a life sentence to the Ukrainian marine who ordered to shoot and kill 37 civilians in Mariupol in 2022, the press service of the DPR Prosecutor’s Office said on Tuesday.

Marine engineer company commander Alexander Svinarchuk, 28, was found guilty of hate murder and cruel treatment of civilians in occupied territory, prosecutors said.

Svinarchuk orders his subordinates to fire at civilians in the period from February 28 to April 9. Twenty-one people were killed; another 16 managed to escape.

 The Court is now hearing criminal cases against the servicemen who followed Svinarchuk’s orders. A guilty verdict has been passed on one of the defendants.

Earlier reports said that three Ukrainian gunmen had got a cumulative jail term of 73 years for shelling Mariupol.*jk