Donetsk, Aug 21 — DAN. Ukraine continues to vent its anger over battlefield failures on the Donbass civilian population using all possible banned methods of warfare, Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin said on Monday.

“Ukraine is using all the banned methods it could use, ” Pushilin told the Russia 24 news channel. “Regrettably, the western countries’ or Ukraine’s position will not change anytime soon. Only our units, only their advance and liberation of our settlements can guarantee safety to our citizens.”

The cluster munitions supplied to the Kiev regime by the U.S. government pose a still greater danger to DPR residents: on top of their indiscriminate effect, not all clusters are immediately activated, many of them are now found in parks or in plant cover which carries the delayed action threat, he said.

Several utility company personnel were killed in Donetsk the other day as the cluster part of a Ukrainian shell detonated, the DPR leader said.

Commenting on the frontline situation, Denis Pushilin said that Russian army units had seized three enemy strongpoints in the Avdeyevka area; in Artyomovsk, gunmen are delivering sporadic fire which impedes the operation of Russian emergency services. The South Donetsk axis remains the hottest point of the frontline, he said.*jk