Donetsk, Feb 14 – DAN. Western countries act in their own interests, which do not include Ukraine's well-being, the DPR Public chamber Chairman Alexander Kofman said.

"I haven't seen any informed decisions made in Kiev over the past eight years. That is why we are not talking risks, we are talking guaranteed reckless decisions. The hysteria that is being fuelled just aggravates the situation," he said.

According to Kofman, the situation is largely due to the US decision "to get rid of a useless asset of the quasi state of Ukraine, and the constant fomenting is wiping the remains of Ukrainian economy".
Besides, he said, if Kiev decides in favour of a force scenario, and Republics retaliate, the West will portray it as a Russian aggression that they "have warned about".

Western countries have been in alleging that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine. The media campaign against Russia was at its highest last week, when a number of countries began evacuating their diplomats from Kiev and issued advisory notes asking their citizens to leave the country.
Moscow has been denying any allegation of a planned invasion. *ot