Donetsk, Aug 16 — DAN. Ukraine does not have enough manpower on the frontline, so the authorities will step up mobilization measures, expert of the Russian parliament Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots Dmitry Kulikov told the Donetsk News Agency.

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian parliament registered a lawbill that proposes amendments to the law on military service. Under the document, utility workers and home owners get the legal right to hand in military summons to men of conscription age, gather information on them and contribute to their appearance before draft boards.

“Ukraine’s war-waging technique is quite primitive: it piles up the corpses of their servicemen on the frontline. But this resource is not infinite; it ends over time, so these amendments are expanding mobilization opportunities, ” Kulikov said.

In his opinion, more changes to the mobilization procedure are likely in the future.

“The manpower situation is critical. We are going to see decisions towards maximum mobilization in the country. They are short of people, but they are not sparing them, so they are set to take a tougher line, ” the expert said.*jk