Donetsk, Feb 11 – DAN. More than 130 mass graves of Kiev aggression victims have been found in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Head Denis Pushilini said at a press conference here on Friday.

“As of now, more than 130 mass or makeshift graves of Ukrainian aggression victims have been discovered in the Donetsk People’s Republic alone,” Pushilin said. “The victims are civilians killed during the operation of Ukrainian armed formations in the DPR territory.”

He said that such graves had been found in Snezhny, Debaltsevo, Khartsyzsk and Ilovaisk. Most of the civilians are aged 30 to 60. Among the exhumed are old people, women and children. Examinations showed that most of the civilians had died of gunshot wounds, mine blast traumas that charred and fragmented their bodies, shrapnel wounds, open cranial injuries or wounds caused by blunt objects.

Last summer, the DPR and the LPR set up an inter-departmental commission and a working group to step up the search for missing persons. They include representatives of the Republics’ leadership, law-enforcement bodies and experts. These bodies were tasked with organizing the search for the missing persons, composing a register of the missing, gathering information on them, creating a database of the missing and deceased and their relatives and coordinating exhumation efforts, identification of bodies and handing them over to relatives. *jk