Donetsk, Feb 2 - DAN. Ukrainian style is seen in the spate of school bomb scares that hit the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR government deputy chairman Vladimir Antonov said on Wednesday.

“This pattern is absolutely typical for our western neighbors,” Antonov wrote in his Telegram channel. “Striking at children is not a gentlemanlike deed, to put in mildly. They don’t go for provocations on the contact line as willingly, knowing that they’ll get a punch in the face.”

As of now, demolition experts and law enforcers have not confirmed that bombs had been planted in the targeted facilities.

Earlier reports on Wednesday said that the DPR had seen a surge in messages alleging bomb threats in schools, vocational training colleges and universities. Police reported that as of 15:00, anonymous informers had warned that bombs had been planted in 400 buildings in 16 settlements across the DPR. The emergency prompted the evacuation of more than 75,000 people.

It is the third time this week the DPR received bomb threats. On Tuesday, an explosive device was found in the building of Donetsk’s Kiev district administration following a bomb threat message. On Friday, January 28, similar messages alleged that bombs had been planted in DPR government buildings, schools, and trade centers. Back then, all the messages proved false. *jk